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Get Started in Stained Glass or Glass Fusing!
Get all your basic glass hand tools in one convenient kit! This is a low-cost way for beginners to get started in glass or for experts to get more essential tools at a bargain price. Features the Toyo Dry Wheel Glass SuperCutter, our favorite glass cutter, sturdy pliers, safety glasses and more! Use tools to accurately score, break and smooth edges on glass pieces. 


Kit Includes:

  • Toyo Dry Wheel SuperCutter
  • Breaker/grozer pliers
  • Running pliers
  • Diamond hand pad
  • Safety glasses
  • Glass square - reversible for left and right handed use

Beginner Glass Tool Kit

SKU: GTK1004
  • You can do it... Step-By-Step: Glass Cutting:

    1. Use cutter and square to score glass.

    2. Use pliers to break glass on score.

    3. Smooth edges with diamond hand pad.

    4.  Done!  It's as easy as that! 

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