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The Complete Beetle Bits System makes your time spent cutting glass fly. Use it to achieve precise, repetitive cuts quickly. This money saving system gives you all the tools you need in one inclusive set.

Beetle Bits Cutting System
Use it to create geometric cuts fast!

The cutting system features a simple set-up with:

  • 18" Zero marked ruler for precise cuts
  • 23" cutting bar, straight edge and rest
  • 2 adjustable angle rests
  • Swivel rest with compass
  • Glass and bar stops for non-slip positioning
  • Oil well
  • Flying Beetle Cutter
  • Waffle Grid Surface  (4 pack)


Flying Beetle Cutter

Innovative cutter glides effortlessly on the Beetle Bits cutting bar at a 90 degree angle, to give you the perfect score every time. Press down on the button to engage the premium carbide cutting wheel.

Waffle Grids - 4-Pack
11-1/4" square interconnecting Waffle Grids are an excellent cutting surface. They hold tools in place and catch glass shards to keep the cutting area safe and clean. The color coding system aligns with your Beetle Cutter for exact scores.

Complete Beetle Bits Start-Up Kit

  • Buy the complete system and save!

    • Fast, easy, intuitive set-up.
    • Makes cutting repetitive geometric shapes a breeze!
    • Precision scoring for clean breaks - no more wasted glass!
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