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Stock Your Work Bench with Quality Tools and Supplies!

Filled with handy supplies and the tools you need to create professional quality stained glass projects. Our Nartique Glass experts picked out their favorite tools and put them into one convenient tool kit. It's a quick and easy way to stock your work bench.


Kit Includes:

  • Supercutter dry wheel glass cutter
  • 100-watt soldering iron with built-in temperature control
  • Abrasive stone
  • Breaker/grozer pliers
  • Running pliers
  • Flux
  • NeutraClean flux remover
  • Marking pen
  • Fid and burnisher
  • 60/40 Solder
  • Copper foil
  • Safety glasses
  • Cork-backed ruler

Deluxe Stained Glass Tool Kit

  • This Kit contains everything you need to start making stained glass!

    • Includes the all the tools you need to help you create beautiful stained glass projects.
    • Top quality tools make it easy to get fantastic results from cutting to shaping and soldering.
    •  A great way to try out a new craft!
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