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Add Color Designs with Enamels - Everything You Need to Get Started!


Use enamels to add detailed color and shading effects to your next fused glass project. Get started by making glass enameled tiles, perfect for backsplashes, coasters and more. You can use these enamels with both 90 and 96 COE fusible glass.


Kit includes:

  • 43 Enamels for fusing (7 gm each)
  • Four 4-1/4" 90 COE clear glass tiles
  • "Contemporary Glass Enameling" book
  • Thompson Klyr-Fire 16 oz.
  • Respirator
  • 1/2"  & 1 1/4" sifters
  • 1/16" Line sifter
  • Alundum stone, 220 grit
  • Spatula
  • Detail brush 
  • 4 oz spritz bottle


Glass Enameling Starter Kit

SKU: GEK1001
    • All the supplies you need in one convenient kit!
    • Create custom designs on glass.
    • Add incredible detail and color to your fused glass.
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