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Open up the fascinating world of bead making with this kit, created especially for you by Hot Head bead making instructors!

This convenient kit takes the guess work out of getting started with high quality tools.

  • Stocked with all the supplies you need to start making lampworked beads.
  • Includes our popular 104 COE Italian glass rod pack
  • Hot Head Torch uses economical propane or MAPP gas, which is available at most hardware stores. 


Kit Includes:

  • Hot Head Torch
  • Table-clamp torch holder
  • Clear UV protective glasses
  • Mandrel set
  • Flame Dri bead release
  • Stainless steel rake
  • Italian rod assortment
  • Graphite paddle
  • Fiber blanket

Hot Head Beadmaking Kit

  • The Hot Head Torch is Perfect for Beginners!

    • Heats up quickly, allowing you to make beads fast.
    • Uses inexpensive, easy-to-find MAPP gas.
    • Easy-to-use dial adjusts the flow to control your flame.
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